These Rules pretty much have been suspended for now, but I am still trying to write regularly.


  1. I’m going to write a poem a day for 365 days, good or bad, edited or unedited, it’ll be posted.
  2. The poems can be any length. Haiku’s count, but I hate haikus so I won’t have to worry about that.
  3. A day will be considered a “waking period” rather than 24 hours. Example: If I’m awake from 7:00am and go to sleep around 5:00am and post it in that time, that’s still the same day. We’ll pretend that I never take naps. (Though I’ll try to schedule all posts for Midnight to have a set schedule in mind).
  4. In case I’m burnt out of poetry, skip a day, or need a day off (sickness or sick of poetry), I can go back and insert a poem on that date later OR I can post a poem from my old not already on the site.
  5. As always, I make my own rules so if decide to step it up a notch (not happening) or if I break the rules then boo-hoo. Also don’t expect any Robert Frost/Emily Dickinson miracle work. Good poems take at least a week to ferment, a quite a bit longer to age, and a quite a bit longer to sell. What you’re getting here is some MD20/20 poetry– read up boys and girls, these are ones are on the house.

***sorry for the long hiatus***

Recently I’ve had to write and edit several poems for different reasons, and it has rekindled old passions that have been dormant for too long. I can’t help but get caught up in the misty eyed nostalgia of flipping through old notebooks, click’n through this ol’ blog, and reading and reliving the words of my past. I know, I know “egotistical ol’ Jesse,” but there’s a certain comfort in going through my own poems, almost like an affirmation of life.

See the best part about poetry and sometimes the hardest part to remember is that it doesn’t alway matter if it’s good or bad–what matters is that you created something and that you should always continue creating. It’s okay even if it’s for nobody–writing in old notebook, jotting on napkins at Starbucks, or maybe just silently wordsmithing in your head as you’re driving home– it’s all practicing something even if I don’t really know what. Perhaps it’s just practice at being human– I’m okay with that because that’s all I ever really wanted to be.

That all being said, I want to go on record that I will be once again be starting up my mission to write at least one poem a day for this blog. I am so sick of sitting around thinking “I should write something” and the furthest I get some scribbles on a piece of paper or a facebook status. For several months now I’ve been blaming my writer’s block on my father’s death, which I will admit has made writing far harder because of stirring emotions, but I refuse to let that be an excuse. I have always felt my writing to be both an outlet for my emotions and way to just have some plain wholesome inappropriate fun. There’s nothing that feels greater than making somebody laugh so I am here to swear that good or bad I will be posting a poem. My my poetry “muscles” need exercise, too, so here I am to practice being human.


10 thoughts on “Rules

  1. I highly recommend your Haiku idea! The worst that could happen is you start and forget about your blog for a few days. The only people that are going to judge you (that matter) are… welp… just yourself! Plus, the best way to not be new at Haiku is just go at it and have a good time and read other people’s haiku.

  2. Honestly, the reason I don’t have my comments open is because it came this way. I’m very lazy and I realize that this form of laziness involves me clicking “approve” but that’s life. I mostly approve anything except “I’m 18 and want to boink you, check out my web cam” or “your blog looks fantastic, try writers yadda yadda yadda”

    • I would hope it would help hone my writing skills by writing at least a poem a day, but I also believe my main purpose is for this blog is force me into writing something everyday so that I have something to edit for yet another. I find the revision process is necessary for decent writing, but I often skip that step for this blog because some days I’m short on time, energy, tolerance, or inspiration to pump out anything besides a bastardized anecdote that I molded into a one-dimensional poem with my clumsy hands. The revision process allows time to edit,combine, cut, remodel or what-ever the poems so that they have that ol’ “three-dimensional” sheen. But to answer the question without the rambling I’ve learned from American Politicians, the answer is

      “Yes, I hope so.”

      Thanks for the comment and for asking! I hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. hi, Jesse. thank you for dropping by my photo/writing blog – also a bit of both a day. i appreciate your endeavor, too. it is nice to start off the day with a bit of creativity. cheers, y

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