As I looked out the window
from my bed and saw my neighbors
dressed up in their best

clearly It must be Easter.

I threw my blanket over
my head and asked God for
forgiveness because

although Jesus may have
risen on this day

I most certainty
didn’t want to.

Hours went by as
the room spun, my head
pounded and my stomach
made horrific sounds.

Eventually dreams
did dance through my head
at first all was peace
but my unconscious mind
furious because of the torturous events
of he last two days– the music, the dancing,
the writing, the hockey, the binge drinking–
decided to drag me through
the horrors of my mind
an endless stream of accidents,
flashbacks of fuck ups,
reliving the moments of the
girls I’ve never had or
got away and

of course walking into classrooms

Knock Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock
“Jesse, It’s almost 4!
Dinner is ready!”

The spinning had ceased and
the doom and gloom of
life had finally dissipated.
“We made ham!”

All seemed right with the world
and finally

the Jesse has Risen.


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