Here’s a poem I originally wrote for another purpose, but I adapted it into a cute little “love” poem.


We all know that there are
good days and there are bad days
and there are gradients of days
which linger in between.
And in with in those days
live hours, minutes and
seemingly infinite seconds
which often remain

and in between those
seconds you’ll find
simple melody
whose rhythm is
kept by the beating
of your heart.

Shhh, just close your eyes
and listen carefully
as your melody sings,
for harbored behind your heart
beat in almost syncopated time
plays a light hearted harmony
whose beat is mine.

I once heard someone say
“Together we can be what we
could never be alone,”
and ’tis true for with your
melody and my harmony
we complete a song,
two silent lovers whose
parts create a whole.
Together we must stand strong
for now its time for us to serenade
our others with our song.

Yet still remember, though our
song may play out to others
this harmony is just just for you
because we know there are
good days and bad days and
days in between and within the seconds is
your melody and if you just listen there lays
my harmony which is just to let you know
that you are and will
never be


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