Loneliness; another morning poem, but this time with Cheerios


This morning I ponder about
how many poems there are about
loneliness as I slowly
eat my cereal

Usually they focus on a
lost lover or possibly
an absence of any lover
at any time.

My spoon goes in constant
slowly shoveling Cheerios
into my mouth.

Quite often you’ll hear
about being lost in a crowd,
miss understood, or
even about late
nights eating away
at the delicate soul.

Right now, I’m perfectly
content, milk flowing my
my mustache and
soft hum of my fan blowing
in the fresh spring air.
The last thing I want is
to hear anybody’s voice, or for
to disturb my lame contemplation about how

How wonderful life can be.

Yet, I can say that in my youth

I’ve written quite a few of these poems
releasing little sensations
of depressions like some it’s
the fecal matter of the
soul– and there, another
word (which I’ve used twice now)
that’s often used with
loneliness. Soul, not
to be confused with :sole” which
actually means a form of singularity.

It’s funny how coincidental words can be,
I can’t help but laugh to myself,
at my own lame jokes until
a sense of loneliness comes over me.

Although, no sad or even self

I’m left with one cheerio in my bowl

sole soggy “O” is pleading me to eat
him and put him out of his misery.

I reach down with my spoon to pick him up,
but he dissipates into the milk–

a lonely death,  indeed.

I pour his remnants over
my satisfied lips and
contemplate calling my mother.


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