Evolution of Criticism

Today I walked
down to the park and
was reading an
annotated copy of
The Scarlet Letter.

The sun was bright,
sky was blue, and
two dogs were sniffing
each other’s asses.

“How primitive,” I thought.

I then looked down at
some deconstructed criticism on
The Scarlet  Letter, and flipped
a few pages to another arguing from a
feminist point of  view.

I looked up
the dogs were still sniffing each others’ asses.

I looked back down
some prick was saying the Scarlet A was a big vagina.

I looked back up,
I could almost hear the one dog saying
“Wow, this scent is a masterpiece.”

I looked back down
I read
“The evolution of criticism”

I stopped there and realized

humans really haven’t
gotten that far.


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