Ah, Must Be Sunday.

There are good
days and there are
bad todays, and today
is just one of those
days which is

These are the days
where you sit there
wearing sweat pants
watching cooking shows
or documentaries
thinking “You know,
I should really do
and before you know it
the room becomes dark
and your stomach is
grumbling and your eyes
are heavy from

You order a pizza
and hope you have enough
money for a tip as you
route around yesterdays
pockets for your wallet
and pull out a five
and think “thank God.”

Then after you eat your several
slices of pizza and drink that
bottle of flat coke from your

Then you sit there in
a room in silence and think
about calling that beautiful
girl you met several weeks
ago who never called you back
even though she said
she would,

but you don’t because you realize
if she said she would want to see
you and you had to get ready it meant
you had to shower and find an outfit
and today is laundry day, something
you completely forgot about
so you were too busy
to call her anyway.

As you do your laundry and
fall asleep to another documentary
your mother calls you and asks
“how was your day” and you say
it was just a day

and she calls you a bum,
but that’s okay because you realize it’s
sometimes okay to have days like this.

Hell, it might even be a biblical right.
Possibly just like you, God is sitting there in his sweat pants
thinking “I should do something, but
meh, I think I’ll just rest.”


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