An Annoyed Eater; a peeved rant


As processed foods and
prepackaged bits of disgusting
shit gets mass-produced
in freezer burnt
bags saying “this cooks
in just a minute”
“WOW! a fancy dinner for two in
one simple bag”


“taste just like what mom
use to make.” (bull shit!)

I hear the silent deaths
of unplanned tradition
rolling off the negligent
cliffs of time.

People of my generation
pealing bags and plopping
them onto plates
and the hardest
part is to wait
for the microwave
to beep or the
frozen soup mix
to thaw all the way

Now fresh home cooked
meals which use to come daily
are quickly becoming
the “special meals” while the
quick meals are on sale
for two bucks with the free
extra two-thousand calories
waiting to blubber up
your butt.

I hear the children of our
children eating their dinners
saying “taste just like mom
use to make” when it’s
just a store-bought preservative
pumped frozen lasagna. It
taste just like momma’s
because momma use to buy the
same damn brand.

“mmm, delicious” no, not really.

I hope I’m not alive to see
the day when the Majority of Mothers
and Fathers can’t make even simple
home cooked meals from scratch
because of dilapidation caused
by business and successful

We know it taste like crap, but we eat
it anyway.

My grandmother was the best
cook I’ve ever known and I aspire
to be the best cook my grandkids
have ever known.

“my pappy was the best damn cook
I’ve ever known”

Damn right,
future grandkids,
Damn right!

It’s not a sin
to Keep the good
traditions alive, but
it is a damn shame
to let the good ones


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