Dream or No Dream

If I remember right
we were walking
in the District of Colombia
and the blind beggar
stopped us with his stick
while his faithful friend,
a cute Labrador,
sniffed at our feet.
For a split second we
realized how lucky
that beggar was to have such a compassionate
sniffing companion.

You said, “hello”
and pet the pup,
and then in

in soft growls
the blind beggar mumbled something
could have been anything who knows
what a mumbler mumbles when mumbling
but I do know after the grunt
and those few snorts
he said
“Hey Beautiful,”
to you and then to us,
“can you spare some change”
I slipped him
a fifty (or was it a five)
because for once I met a man who
saw the same things as

Or maybe that
didn’t happen,
did it?
I might be slipping
in some imagined
but Dream or not,
He still has that
money in his jar
and his compassionate
companion by his side

and you are
still (and
always will be)



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