A Goodbye

Her words
were course
and her hands were
satin and I the opposite.

I neither begged
nor pleaded, just
sort sobbed.

We sat as the
waning moon tucked
itself to sleep
behind the trees
and blue hue
of the sky
brought us forth
into tomorrow,
she said


such a sorrowful
word. She
got up and as
her hand slipped
away, I realized

“today’s a new day.”
and I felt

I just sat and
watched the planes
passing by as
they gleamed in the sun
trying to figure
out which
one was

I then drove home,
drank some coffee and
wondered if it was either
too late or too early to
poor myself a glass of scotch.

I waited by the phone even though
we agreed she wouldn’t

Either way,
I drank alone, weary eyed,
watched  day-time TV and
realized how much
I hated “Maury”.


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