She looked into the cellar way
She looked up stairs,
She looked in the kitchen.
Still Nothing.
She heard him somewhere
he was hiding
it had been some where
it was waiting for her
she was promised a gift
but she couldn’t find it.

Years of this torture being told that everybody
has been given a gift
it was alluding her
some monster with a salvation on string
she looked up at God and shook her fist

“I hate you”
she told him

God only snickered
because next Sunday she would
still be sitting in church.

“I love you.”
He told her being use to the
slings of hate.
“Truly, I do love you.”

Fire reigned upon her whole
life but she never looked back.
She didn’t want to.
She feared that she was to endure even more
if she did.

Her gift was just to stay alive
despite the hell
we put her through.


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