Prairie Dogs and You

There’s something about prairie dogs
that reminds me of you.

I think it’s because we sat there at
the zoo for twenty-two
and half minutes
staring at them jump up and
get electrocuted by the little
metal wire that’s under the rim
of their unnatural habitat.

I remember that’s how long
we sat there because
that was the
time between the phone calls
we made to our
friends Sandy and John.

They lost us somewhere
by primates because we ran away
to get away from their annoying
bickering about the smell of the cages
and the expense of the zoo’s drinks.

We were going to go look
at the polar bear, but we decided not
to because on the way I was like a little
kid when we discovered there was an
Ice cream guy selling Nutty Buddies
by the prairie dogs which just happen
to be my favorite type of ice cream and
they just happened to be my
favorite animal (next to bunnies of course).

That’s where I’m pretty sure
it was certain that
we would end up together because
I remember sitting there for those
twenty-two and a half minutes without a care in the
world except my unconscious was fearing
our friends would find us and ruin
our intimate moment watching
prairie dogs get zapped and electrocuted
constantly by their own will.

That’s also the night that I
remember staring at my cell phone
in my room alone too nervous and scared
to call and ask you
if you wanted to go out to cup of coffee
the next day during lunch dinner or whatever.

Thank God,
you called me, and we talked
about John, Sandy, electricity,
prairie dogs and for some reason
aardvarks even though we never saw any.
Then we did talk about getting a cup of coffee,
but we didn’t because instead we went
to dinner after you had work because
you hated coffee, but you do love
the restaurant by your work’s lasagna.

And that’s why when I see or think
about prairie dogs it makes me smile.


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